MongoDB Backup & Restore

Scheduled MongoDB backups with point and click backup restore.

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What is MongoDB backup parachute?

Ottomatik's "Backup Parachute" is a set of MongoDB backups auto-configured to efficiently protect your MongoDB Database with next to no setup on your end.

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Super Simple
Super Simple Setup

Selecting your storage location, running the one-line install command on your server and confirming the auto-detected settings for the database credentials and backup jobs to be created. The whole process can be as simple as 4 clicks and one CLI command.

When creating backups, sensible defaults are used to save time on configuration. If you'd like to change the settings or schedule of any backups created, you can edit them individually to your liking.

Painless Server
Painless Server Configuration

The installation script automatically installs your SSH Key, software dependencies, detects your user, IP address, SSH port and home directory, then verifies the SSH connection from our servers.

Of course if you prefer to manually specify your server information and not use the script, we support that workflow as well.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery in Under 1 Minute

When you need to recover a Backup Parachute the process is fast and easy, just hit the big red button on the backup parachute you want to restore. Sensible defaults are predefined, but you can also select the backup you want to restore, then the server and database name you'd like to restore to.

You can even restore to a different server on your account or to a database that doesn't currently exist. This makes it super simple to test previous backups, or to migrate production data from one server to another.

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Secure your data. 14 days free. No credit card required.

Advanced features

Point and Click
Point and Click Restore

Using the point-and-click restore feature you can easily restore any backup in 3 clicks. You can even restore to a different server and provide alternative connection credentials if you like.

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